Information Services for Employers
Integration Services for their Employees

Helping Newcomer Employees Integrate

If you employ newcomers to Canada, we look forward to extending our services to aid in their settlement.

See a list of the services available to immigrant newcomers.


Hiring Newcomer Employees

If you're interested in recruiting immigrants for work in your business, we can help you track down the information you need to do so successfully.

Have you considered hiring a newcomer already living in the region and authorized to work in Canada?  MJMC's Employment Coordinator can help.

Learn about the process of hiring a foreign worker here.

If you choose to use an immigration consultant or foreign worker recruiter, you must use the services of a licensed recruiter or immigration consultant under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services (FWRIS) Act.


Employer Responsibilites

The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services (FWRIS) Act and its Regulations are now in effect.  Learn about your responsibilities here.


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