Although Canada is a welcoming country to immigrants, it's not just as simple as hopping on a plane to Canada.   Not everyone who wants to come to Canada may do so.  Canada's immigration system has strict criteria to determine who may and may not enter (or stay in) the country.

A bit of history

"Indigenous peoples occupied North America for thousands of years before European explorers first arrived on the eastern shores of the continent in the 11th century. " "Modern Canada was built also on the contributions of immigrants.  While the terms and conditions of immigration are being regularly reassessed in light of the county’s labour force requirements and the international context, immigrants’ contribution to Canadian society, their ability to adapt, and their desire to help build a better society on Canadian soil is beyond dispute."

Information on coming to Canada

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How the NWC can (and cannot) help

Our office is here to provide you with the information you need and direct you to the authoritative sources to answer your inquiries.  However, we are unable to complete forms for you or advise you on any actions you should take in regards to immigration.

The NWC is an informational resource centre.  This information is provided as a basic guide to understanding Canada's immigration processes, which change from time to time.  Please use this resource as a guide only as it may be incomplete or outdated.  Links are provided to authoritative sources.  Please confirm the information with the proper bodies, organizations, etc.


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