Newcomer Driver Education Funding (NDEF)

This program is closed for 2022, please check back next spring.

The NDEF program helps newcomers to get their Class 5 licence with the ultimate goal of improved settlement and employment outcomes for the individual or family.

Important News:

  • NDEF is back. Appy starting March 1.

  • Watch this page and our Facebook group for more announcements.

To get a Class 5 licence in Saskatchewan, most people must pass the Class 5 Road Test* .  To qualify for this test, you must complete a minimum of 6 hours in-car and 6 hours in-class instruction from a certified driver instructor .  This training can be costly.  The NDEF program helps newcomers to overcome this barrier to getting their Class 5 driver’s licence.

NDEF Application Package

Get your application forms.  There are 5 parts to our application package.  Visit our office to print off your application package or download it here:


  1. NDEF Information Sheet
  2. NDEF Application Form
  3. Settlement Worker/ EAL Instructor Consent
  4. SGI Consent
  5. Photo Release

Please fill in your forms with all relevant information so that we may properly assess your eligibility for the program.  If your Settlement Worker, English Teacher, or other Teacher etc. can give you a written reference that will give us more information, we are happy to accept it.  They may send it to us in a sealed envelope or by email.

Please note:

The NDEF Information Sheet outlines the eligibility criteria for the program.  English ability is an important factor:

All applicants must: Be able to communicate in English.

Priority is given to: Those who are able to provide evidence that their English ability is adequate to benefit from the program.  Generally speaking, this means having CLB levels above 3 (Speaking & Listening).  People with levels lower than this are very unlikely to receive NDEF funding.  Please be aware of this when considering whether to apply to the program.


Application DEADLINE is March 21, 2022

Submitting Your Application

Intake Interview

Applicants must attend an intake interview.  To ensure that a staff member is available to serve you, we recommend that you book an appointment  for your intake interview at which you can submit your application package.  When possible, staff will assist walk-in clients or else book an appointment for them to return.

Your Interview

When you submit your application, it will be reviewed by a staff member.  We will ask you to wait while we do this.  If it is complete, we will begin your intake interview.  If it is incomplete, it will be immediately returned to you and it can be resubmitted when it is complete.  

Learn about Driving and the Law - Regina Police Service video for newcomers.

*Some people who have held a driver's licence in the past do not need to pass the road test and/or take the training.  Find out about the requirements that apply to you: new Sask residents or returning Sask residents.

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