Donating Goods
We are happy to accept donations for some in-demand household items and clothing as we continue to help recently arrived newcomers to Canada get comfortable in their new home. Please feel free to drop off any items in the list below at our NWC office during regular office hours, including unopened hygiene products, men's & boy's clothing, select dishes and cookware, school supplies & backpacks, bikes, fans, pantry items.  Kindly note that we have limited storage space, so for anything else that is not on the list please call us for more details. Despite our storage limitations, there continues to be a need for household furniture for newcomers who are setting up their new homes in our city. For larger items, please contact us and we will be happy to do our best to arrange direct transfers.  Please note that due to health restrictions we are unable to accept mattresses and used pillows. Thank you in advance, and we greatly appreciate the many ways you help make our community a welcoming place for newcomers to call home! Welcoming is a community effort, and we couldn’t do it without your support. 

Monetary Donations
Thank you so much for thinking of us and considering making a monetary donation to assist in the settlement and integration process for our newcomer clients. While every individual and family unit is faced with similar barriers it is hard to know where exactly they may need the most support and at what point in their settlement process assistance may be required. For this reason, we have set up 3 donation programs. They have been created based on past knowledge in where we often see gaps in service and where services and activities are not able to be covered by our current funding agreements. Here is a little bit of information to help you in your decision making.
Where will your donation go?
Option #1
If you donate to the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council’s Saskatchewan Cares Fund, your money will go to things like the grocery store when there's no more food bank options for Johnny’s family while he studies English full-time so he'll be labour market ready soon. It'll go to the shuttle driver who gets Rasha’s family to her specialist appointment in the nearby city. It'll go to the driver trainer who's about to equip Nizar with the skills he needs to get behind the wheel and open up his job prospects beyond just what sits on the bus line. It'll go to the landlord after Maya’s mother misses work to stay home with her all week.
Option #2
If you donate to the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council’s Community Connections Fund, your money will go to things like purchasing craft supplies for ladies nights or pool time for men’s night so that newcomers are able to participate in activities that will help them adjust socially into their new community.  It’ll go to buying books and small toys for children who are meeting Santa for the first time.  It’ll go to buying coffee and tea for community cafés to connect newcomers with Canadians and volunteers.  It will go to celebrating days of significance such as: International Women’s Day, World Refugee Day, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Option #3
By donating to the NWC Food Pantry, your money will go towards purchasing food staples from newcomer clients home countries, helping them be able to have access to food security options. You can help by a few different options, donating money directly, purchasing grocery store gift cards, dropping off food items in our office, or taking your bottles and cans to Sarcan Drop & Go by using Newcomer Welcome Centre. See below for more details.