Volunteering: The Application Process

Invested in newcomer success?  We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer team.

A role just for you

There are a variety of Volunteer Opportunities at Moose Jaw Multicultural Council.  Take a few minutes to browse through and learn about the different ways you can offer your time and skills. 

Apply to Volunteer

In order to protect our clients’ privacy and rights and to ensure that those helping them are equipt to provide the best support possible, MJMC has a formal process through which we screen and select our volunteers. 


Step 1: Download the Application Package (or pick it up at our office: Contact Details)

Step 2: Complete your forms

Step 3: Submit completed forms to us.  Visit our Contact page for details

You can do this through:

  • email
  • mail
  • drop them off in person

 Step 4: Criminal Record Check

  • Please wait until you hear back from us regarding your application form before submitting your criminal record check.

  • Please note CRC must be dated within two months of application submission.
  • Whenever possible, a CRC must be received directly from the law enforement. This standard is in place within the City of Moose Jaw. If your rural jurisdiction of law enforcement follows a different practice, please let us know.
  • There is a fee of $20 to have a CRC done for volunteer purposes and the law enforcement agency (police) will forward your Criminal Record Check to us.
  • When submitting your Criminal Record Check form , be sure to:
    • read the small print
    • use a blue pen
    • If you live in Moose Jaw, you will need to submit your form to the Moose Jaw Police Service.  When doing so, be sure to indicate to the staff taking the form that it is for MJMC.

** Don't forget that your Criminal Record Check goes to local law enforcement, and not to us!


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