Help us help newcomers

The Work of Welcoming is a Community Effort

Welcoming our new Syrian neighbours, like all classes of newcomers, takes the entire community. 

Welcoming happens in many ways:

  • the attitudes we hold
  • the way we greet people
  • the level of cultural competence we attain in the jobs we do
  • many more areas
  • not least of which is the hours we volunteer to make a difference in the lives of those who are new in our community.

  There are a number of agencies in our community that have developed expertise in certain aspects of serving vulnerable people.  Your skills and interests will help you decide which agency’s work you could best support as a volunteer.

MJMC's role and how you can suppport us:

Because of MJMC's formal relationship with Canada’s immigration department (IRCC), our direct role, and years of experience in receiving, orienting, and beginning the process of integration for hundreds of Government Assisted Refugees, Moose Jaw Multicultural Council is the agency through which you are most likely to volunteer directly with newcomers, including the expected Syrian Refugees.  In order to protect our clients’ privacy and rights, and to ensure that those helping them are equipped to provide the best support possible, MJMC has a formal process through which we screen and equip our volunteers. 

In light of the current situation, MJMC’s process required expansion.  We have been working diligently to prepare a process that can handle the volume of enthusiastic volunteers we have been hearing from.  Read our news release about what we have been doing.  Be assured we value your interest.  We thank everyone for their patience.

Learn about volunteer opportunities with MJMC.

Ready to apply?  Visit our Volunteer Application page to download your forms

Not sure if you're ready to apply?  Connect with us to indicate your areas of interest so that we can get in touch with you when we have an opening in your area. 


**Please Note**

In light of the outpouring of community support in response to the arrival of Syrian Refugees, MJMC may not be able to quickly engage all those who are interested in volunteering.  MJMC staff will be sure to contact volunteer applicants as soon as we possibly can and/ or as soon as an appropriate volunteer role becomes available. We are deeply grateful for your interest and support.

Government of Saskatchewan Moose Jaw Multicultural Council Inc.