The "All About Driving" Series

A partnership with the Police, SGI, and other agencies to help you be the best driver you can be.

Whether you've driven before moving to Saskatchewan or not, Saskatchewan can offer it's own set of challanges to drivers.  Thanks to a grant received from Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police, the Newcomer Welcome Centre is excited to offer a year-long program called the "All About Driving" series, starting November 2015.


Through this series, you will learn about a great deal of topics related to driving, including things like:

  • Winter driving and dangerous exposure to the weather
  • What to do when you’ve had an accident
  • Buying a reliable car (private sale and car sales agency); understanding credit/ Overall financial literacy
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle maintenance; change a tire; winter conditions; block heater, etc.
  • Introduction to the Moose Jaw Police Service and their role in driving
  • Impairment and driving
  • Laws and the implications of driving without a driving license
  • Car seat clinic/ seat belts, etc.
  • Bicycle rules and safety; bike recycle program; bike repair
  • Fines/ court/ legal aid, etc.
  • Parking bylaws

Let us know what other topics you are interested in and we will make efforts to address them over the course of the series.

Keep an eye on our events page and our Facebook events page for information on upcoming "All About Driving" events.

The NWC wishes to thank:
-Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police for sponsoring this program, including the current Newcomer Driver Education Funding program 
-Moose Jaw Police Service for their support
-SGI for their partnership in this session


Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker via Flikr

Government of Saskatchewan Moose Jaw Multicultural Council Inc.