The Newcomer Driver Education Funding Program exists to help newcomers to Canada with the cost of getting their Class 5 driver's licence. 

The NDEF program is currently accepting applications. The deadline is June 30, 2016 

There are a few things you can do to prepare you application in advance:

Gather copies of the following documents:

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN card)
  • Saskatchewan Learners (Class 7) Licence
  • Licence from Former Country (if applicable)
  • Current Immigration Document
  • Immigration application documents to support intention to settle in SK (if applicable)
  • Knowledge about what SGI requires of you: Do you need to take the Driver Education program or is it waived in your case? (This will depend on whether you have had a drivers license before and what country you are from.)
  • Evidence of English Ability
    • CLBPT or other English language assessment results
    • Immigration document showing source country with English as Official language
    • Evidence of studies conducted in English
    • Reference from your EAL teacher
  • Proof of income (gather those that apply to you)
    • Option C Printout (Canada Revenue Agency)
    • Most Recent Notice of Assessment from CRA (example here or learn how to get a copy here)
    • Most Recent Paystubs (Year To Date must be shown)
    • Social Assistance, Disability, Pension Income, EI or WCB Statements
    • Bank/Financial Statements

**The NDEF is for those with a low to modest income:

Annual Income

  • Single person—up to $30,000.00
  • Couple—up to $40,000.00
  • Single parent—up to $35,000
  • Additional $2,500/dependant

**Please note that you must have your Class 7 learner's license to be eligible to apply

**Any application received after this date will only be considered later in the year as funding allows.